About Me

Rhyker Hackarry

Hi there, I’m Rhyker Hackarry. I’m the author of Rhyker.com. Here I want to introduce myself to you, tell my story, and the story behind the blog, and just make friends with you.

So, let me start from the very beginning telling why and how the blog site was created, as well as answer the question of what is an idea and goal of the project.

So, just sit back and enjoy your time along with your coffee, tea, cocktail 😉 I was born in Saskatchewan, Regina, in 1988. It’s Canada if you hear about the city for the first time.

Being a usual child in the usual Canadian family, my mom was a paramedic and father was an economist, I couldn’t even imagine that I will be a blogger on the net writing the comprehensive casino guides, hacks and tips.

Anyway, I run ahead and we’ll return to the topic later. Certainly, I had dreams and ambitions, but they were not about blogging at all.

My parents did their best to give me a decent study. Thus, after I finished school, I moved to Toronto and entered Cognitive Science at York University in 1998. It’s where I learned to think through any information, subject, case, situation.

Saying nothing about the ability to learn and work hard to achieve the goal. At first, I thought to become a psychologist, but writing engaged me more. The knowledge and skills I got there help me to create the site today.

I’ve started writing short articles in studentship on various topics, including some articles for YorkU. After I graduated in 2002, I worked in various digital marketing agencies, online resources, blogs as a copywriter. In 2014, I moved to the UK and lived in Glasgow, York, and Chester. Totally, I lived and worked in Great Britain 3 years trying to write for small and digital magazines, including Five Star Magazine. My real passion turned out to be the creation of different guides.

I found out that after I was asked to write a review of the online gambling site for the informative resource. There I needed to highlight not only pros but also cons of the betting site, explain the rules, terms and conditions, laws, etc. to the newbies.

Doing the research and investigating the topic, I have found that there are a few sites with really useful info, saying nothing about the step-by-step guidance. Though gambling and gaming are a tricky and a bit cloudy thing, especially for Canadian players.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And, you know, it was like in the “Inception” movie. Do you remember Cobb’s words about the idea that it is like a seed? That even the smallest idea can grow, and that can define or destroy you? Thank god, it was the first variant and it defined me. Yes, as a result, I created the blog devoted to the comprehensive guides answering a lot of “how to”.

Of course, it took me some time to grow my idea to such a blog. At first, I just started the research the topic, investigated various casinos, their games, learned the laws, regulations, learned the psychological aspects of the games, etc. Finally, I came into practice.

Today I review software suppliers, online casinos, games, bonuses not only for the blog, but for other sites too. Here I try to explain the gaming process from the finding the reputable, trustworthy, and legit casino/betting site, registration and up to the withdrawing winnings. Herewith, you can easily find the bit by bit instructions and just comprehensive reviews, including such topics as:

  • How to sign up at the casino and pass verification, KYC procedures, and others;
  • Investigation and comparison of online casino software developers;
  • Overlook of casino games and their kinds, strategies, tips, RTP and hit frequency;
  • Surveys of online banking methods for online gambling;
  • Reviews of casino formats (desktop, mobile, instant play)
  • Explanation of regulations, laws, gaming sites by country, independent authorities and security measures;
  • Providing online casinos FAQ that can be useful not only for newcomers, as it seems at first sight, but for existing players too.

Thus, you can see that Rhyker.com is a blog which target is to inform players about the online gambling industry. The site contains multiple articles, surveys and reviews, and all the detailed info/pro tips/hacks about gaming for real money. The website provides you with the fullest guide through each aspect. Attention site customers, you can score major casino deals deals on all of your favorite game and casino brands: Just check out our casino reviews!

The new topics, hacks, and articles are added regularly. To be aware of your interests, analyze your actions and choose the right topics, the blog uses the cookies (you can learn the issue visiting Privacy & Cookie Policy page). Also, there are some rules of the site usage to keep in mind as age policy (18+ customers), illegal activity detection, etc. Thus, you should visit T&C page too.

This blog is created for anyone and you are free to read any post written and uploaded on the site without any registration and personal data provided. Relevant and helpful intelligence is reached through deep investigations and personal trials only. Herewith, I hope that my blog and my team will help you to find answers, ease your pain points, and just make the things clear and simple.