Best CS:GO Gambling Sites for Skin Betting in 2024

For all fans of CS:GO skins gambling, my review on CS:GO is a must-read. Before introducing you the best eSports betting sites 2021, I did good research on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and eSports betting. Check the review, 5 FAQs, and HACKS below!

CS:GO Gambling Guide 2021 ➤ Beware of Scammers!

Counter-Strike Betting as eSports

CS:GO skin betting is a respected and well-loved form of eSports (also referred to as Esports, e-sports), which is considered as a video games competition between players, individually or in teams, which you may watch through live streaming on YouTube or Twitch platform in particular.

To get into the swing of things, I suggest subscribing to my channel on the Twitch platform, where I stream my experience in games, or check my Youtube channel, or my social account on Instagram. Among esports, CS:GO is shattering records with its thriving betting scene, from multi-players accessibility, a thrilling mode for following the action to kikin’ design of maps.

Where to Try: Bookies and Betting Skins Sites

So, how to pick the perfect site for e-sports? Literally? While there is a heap of such ones, I prefer to keep my list clean recommending only top operators in the niche.

Luckily, licensed bookmaker (Bet365, Betfair, Egaming Bets) or wagering skins sites I recommend (CSGOEmpire, Gamdom) are safe, they have high security, support 24/7, and provably fair system. In fact, that gives you fair odds for winning and can be verified yourself — but where to register or not to, is up to you. Probably, depending on your country of residence, you might prefer to access regulated bookies in the UK, or tested and verified betting platforms available to the USA gamblers.

Story Behind CS:GO Skin Gambling

Who is behind Valve, Steam, and actually CS:GO itself? And how did it all begin? So…

Valve Corporation

Gabe Newell with Mike Harrington, who left Valve in 2000, have spent 24 years running the corporation, but back in 1996, when Valve was founded, ex-employees of Microsoft never thought that later their business idea would result in huge success. The entity has become the most famous video game developer and digital distributor in the USA. It has had rather dynamic development over the years. Looking through the key moments below.

  • In 2003, Valve launched Steam, which in 8 years had been accounted for 50% of sales of computer games.
  • In 2012, the company consisted of 250 people with 3 billion dollar worth
  • Since 2010, Valve Software has started developing hardware, virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Steam Service

Valve needed a client with special features to deliver their content and updates faster than, for example, via retail channels. They had troubles with updating their games. Guys spent some time approaching Yahoo!, RealNetworks, and even Microsoft to build such software client before they decided to start working on Steam in 2002.

Now Steam is a platform of digital distribution service with nearly 3000 video games onboard, which was launched in 2003. It permits playing, receiving automatic updates, entering the community, meeting friends, and even joining clans or different groups. Up to 2021, it has counted over 100 million users.

About Global Offensive – Counter-Strike Series

There’s no question that the 4th edition known as Global Offensive in the CS series of games developed by Mike Morasky and Hidden Path Entertainment is among the famed entertainments in the FPS (first-person-shooter) genre.

Whether you are a terrorist or counter terrorist, your goal is to defeat the opponent team. The matches go at diverse locations based on maps. The amusement requires a profile at Steam. Thankfully, lots of sites nowadays offer making real-money stakes or wagering in-game goods which are all money.

Best CS:GO Games to Win Skins

It’s almost time for a play! That’s right! Bookies or skins betting sites offer us top online casino experience, full of games like coinflip, roulette, match betting to get free, win or buy cases with weapons skins. And all it takes is to choose your entertainment. Oh, and in case you need a refresher, here’s a complete guide on CSGO games.


Some casinos offer to play Roulette using coins, which you receive for your skins. Then the gameplay is nothing different from the traditional one. You make a bet on a particular color — green, red or black. Then you are paid out according to the odds. Red and black give alike potential for profit, but different fractional odds. Placing bets on the green, you’ve got the least chances for winning but if you do, the payout is way higher of the average.


It’s ordinary entertainment with a growing multiplier. You place a bet first, in our case, a skin. From now your aim is to cash out before this multiplier crashes.

Case Opening

It’s 100% a game. If you have opened the cases on the Steam platform, pretty much the same way you can win valuable skins on multiple third-party websites and get them to the Steam account. For that, you need to register with particular websites like Hellcase. Or you can take part in different tournaments, bonusing programs, daily promotions based on a customer level, there are very valuable cases on offer. It’s not unusual that such items need to be unlocked. Make note, sometimes, it’s done through the ‘key’ purchase from the Steam marketplace.


It’s a very-very risky way of gambling. You should be ready for losing or winning all in a moment. The thing is that you put skins or coins at a stake like the rest of the players. A random animation shows up and points out the winner of the whole pot. It’s a win-or-lose fight.

Other Games on Offer

Of course, there will also be plenty of other games like online slots, poker, blackjack, scratches. Depending on the site you pick. At Gamdom, there will be several ways to have fun besides csgo skin betting. Check my comprehensive review of casino games to discover traditional casino entertainments.


When the iconic SCGO betting hit casinos, online sites started to offer customers such entertainment along with top online slots and other games. There would gather online slots’ hits like Money Train 2, Sweet Bonanza, my favourite Gonzos Quest, Piggy Riches, or Deadwood, at CS:GO betting sites. All the content is provided by licensed game developers like Red Tiger, Relax Gaming, Microgaming, Netent, Novomatic, Play’n Go, Nolimit and many-many more. If you are interested in details, go read my page about online casinos and their services, or slots in particular.

Guide: How to Bet Skins on Gambling Sites

Get ready to begin betting? Get it faster by reviewing the process step by step, checking your deposit and withdrawal options, and more key details below.

Getting Started

  1. Simply select a sports betting site from the recommended above.
  2. Register your profile using your Steam account if registration is required.
  3. Load up some credit.
  4. And head over to the CS:GO tables and start winning.


How to replenish your balance. You need to choose whether you want to load some credits or skins. Let’s take a look at each option and conditions more closely as there are hidden aspects to mind.


It wouldn’t be skins betting without skins payments. While you can deposit using your Steam account, your virtual game items are to be traded first. No worries, it’s a fast and easy process. “Trading” means making transactions with Steam items, such as selling, exchanging or buying. Originally, gamblers used the company store or built-in game Trading system which was unpractical, taking into account all the people who wanted to bet CSGO. Their amount has grown each day.

In fact, in 2016, these virtual goods value was estimated at $5 billion. All that resulted into appearance of the best CS:GO gambling sites with less strict limits and terms for skins trading/betting. I have had experience depositing with skins. It’s automatic. The built-in API would try to access your account (Valve/Steam) to bring up your items. Choose one and you’re good to go.

Real Money & Cryptocurrency

But one of the safest ways is to bet on CSGO using traditional money. You can even buy gift cards and transfer the money that you would like to gamble on. Of course, it’s possible if you are already 18+ years old. For your information, to prove the age, you’ll have to disclose your personal information.

Deposit Methods

Choose among the variety of services available at your location. Popular methods to deposit and withdraw money – Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill – are at your disposal, too.

  • pay-pal
  • visa card
    Visa Card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin


If you do want to get some money out of the clubhouse, I recommend checking all crypto payment services and available cards for that. Please, pay attention to fees associated with a cashout in the first instance. They can be large according to reviews of different csgo players.

Withdrawal Methods

Also, not all services are available to players from different countries. Visa, Mastercard or crypto can be used globally though.

  • pay-pal
  • visa card
    Visa Card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin

5 Types of CS:GO Bets

Along with all of the traditional sports stakes we already have, Counter Strike wagering will feature a gigantic slate of betting options, including money line and more. Some, I have already heard about. Several were a surprise. Also, I’ve got their explanation below!

  • Money-line – a wager on a single match.
  • Outright “Futures Market” – bets on the overall outcome of the tournament like on a winning team; one reaching the final; or the winner region, etc.
  • Accumulator (Combo) – several individual stakes for a larger pay-out. Usually, your bets are multiplied by XX times.
  • Special – specialized combo-stakes on specific events: specific map winners, right scores, or/and total amount of kills, etc.
  • In-play – live-bets on individual player score, again, on number of total kills, but they have to be placed the moment a match starts.

CS:GO Dictionary – Key Terms

There are also some useful terminologies to understand the game better and make your gaming experience easier.

  • Ace: when the player kills the entire enemy team by himself.
  • Buy Out: skin price the trader will accept without any negotiations.
  • Callout: words and phrases used by players to refer to places on the virtual map.
  • Camping: a strategy that slows gameplay and puts players into disadvantage.
  • Clutch: when the last surviving player wins the battle in challenging conditions, e.g. after the whole enemy team (of over 2 people) is liquidated.
  • KD: Kill/Death ratio shows the results of the player’s gaming activities to compare his proficiency with others. The higher it is, the better gamer you are.
  • Lit: the damage rate the player has taken.
  • Molly (aka Molotov): small area of fire set when players throw the incendiary grenade.
  • Nade: the alternative name for a high explosive (HE) grenade gamers use to open and close doors, bling the enemies, or block them with the smoke.
  • Pistol round: the very first round of each game that decides which team will have the advantage. In this round players use only pistols: CZ-75, CT Five-Seven, and the T’s Tec-9.
  • Skins: surfaces of weapons with various textures. CSGO skins determine how they look and have no impact on game quality.
  • Wallbang: shots penetrating an obstacle and killing the enemies faster and more effectively.

CS:GO Sites Fairness & Support

The provably fair describes the level of fairness that can be easily provable. You can check if the site is fair via the special built-in tools of gambling websites. These can be hash function, GINAR (Random Number Generator supported by blockchain technology), or server/client seed. It is important to know that your personal information is protected and withdrawals are safe. So don’t forget to check our outlines of the most popular cs:go gambling sites.

In addition to this, it is important to stay in touch with the support team through live chats or email. If you have any questions you can always contact them.

Calculating Odds

So what are skin bets according to bookies? CS:GO gambling is expressed as a fraction. There’s fractional odds (favorable or unfavorable). They mean the likelihood of a specific thing happening in gambling. Let’s calculate our potential wins having the next odds:

  • 5/1 – for each $1 bet, you get $5 in a case of a victory
  • 1/8 – for each $8 – $1 for a win

Simple math! Just multiply the odds by the stake to calculate for yourself.

A Few Hacks from Rhyker

Also, I ‘d like to sum up everything I know to help score more wins and better skins when gambling.

  • Always study the players.
  • Know their forms.
  • Make considered bets, don’t act impulsively.
  • Narrow your focus to a region, maybe a single game, or genre.
  • Wager on smaller events first.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • But what csgo skin betting really is?
  • To help get some answers about skin gambling (betting) you should know more about so-called virtual goods. The items are unique visual design finishes for a firearm, a knife, or other weapons used in CS:GO. Before you ask, they do nothing but make your weapon cool, that’s right. They can also be designed by players themselves. Due to their popularity, it leads to their usage as money, thus to betting skins.
  • When it comes to CSGO gambling, can I use the traditional currency units like dollars?
  • That’s the best part in using skins betting sites, they authorize placing real money bets on e-sports matches within or besides CS:GO, thus to win real money.
  • When CS:GO matches start?
  • The exact time of live and upcoming live matches on the game, including the recent results, maps, stats, and more can be found on gambling websites. Go to the “Match betting” section, select “CSGO” to check the schedule, and what match is going live at the moment.
  • Where can I actually trade skins besides Steam?
  • Right, Steam offers rather higher prices for skins. But no big deal if you apply to other communities. If you’re a little more hesitant, check the third party websites like Reddit, DMarket,, These are the largest trading and gambling sites in 2021.
  • How do I know skins gambling sites aren’t rigged?
  • I feel you. The CSGO gambling arena is still rather shady. Even more, in the past few years, the gambling area has been plagued by scammers who regularly target gaming accounts. Some Youtube and Twitch streamers have been accused of rigging games in their favour. Check with Phantoml0rd, TmartN, and Prosyndicate, the media personalities were all paid thousands of dollars to advertise CSGOLotto or CSGOShuffle on their platforms. That’s why it’s crucial to wager on the gambling sites that first have a valid license and, more importantly, are regulated and checked. Personally I haven’t found a better solution than verifying websites for yourself. So, I trust websites using provably fair technology, whereas roulette, coinflip results are pre-generated before you make a bet.