Responsible Gambling is a service providing the detailed information about online gambling based on real money stakes. As the information is connected with money bets, our site cares about healthy gambling, that is conducted by conscientious players, who know what that want.

The pastime, as it is, is a source of fun only. This is not a way of earning money, or getting credits for a living. Sometimes, catching winnings can be entertaining, though, you shouldn’t take it as tendency, as there is included Random Number Generator, which guides all the results. Keeping track of the gameplay, you should control the situation in the first place.

The target of the site is to help new players and advanced casino runners understand the factors and aspects of virtual gambling houses. We present the information grounded on different topics, such as software suppliers, banking methods, games, strategies, myth, and more. And providing this page, we want to be certain that our customers take the leisure as we do.

Still, we realize that some advanced and long-playing casino members may not recognize their problem (if it exists). That is why, we strongly recommend everyone, regardless of the experience and knowledge, to check and test their own situation using special services and reading the section. Below, you can find multiple useful tips for you.

How to Stay Safe and Secure

Before starting the online gambling leisure, you should understand your aims and the principles of the gameplay. That is when, it is high time to set some limits and determine the rules of your actions. Such things are done in order to keep the principles you settled in advance, when you were not under the hazardous atmosphere, analyzing wins and losses.

Check out the main approaches that will help you be on the safe side and with acute mind:

  • Online gambling equals fun and entertainment, and not an earn-out.
  • Do not ever borrow money from your friends or take bank loans for placing stakes.
  • Keep to one principle: winning = bonus, loss = payment.
  • Gambling is not a cure. It won’t help you forget about your problems, instead, it can become a problem for you.
  • Never replace the relations with your friends, family or work with gaming. This is a separate pastime, not substituting any other leisure.
  • Before the gameplay starts, set some boundaries concerning the activity. Determine the total amount of possible stakes, the highest sum you can afford to lose and how long the procedure should take. End up the activity as soon as any limit is reached.
  • Please, mind that in case you try to win back all the lost credits, this can turn to be a way to lose even more, without any gains.
  • Our service aims at helping you solve any kind of challenges got as a result of unhealthy gambling. Please, use the links provided by our site, or other reliable services, presenting professional aid against the addiction of different stages.


Everything is in your hands, and you are the one to determine the problem first and the first person to show the urgent help. Though, there are some self-protection measures that will be useful for you to control the leisure, understand its boundaries and create a totally safe atmosphere for you. That is when, you can be sure everything is taken into account. Thank us later!

  • Determine certain limits concerning your budget and playing time within a day, week and month, in order to control the budget.
  • Organize time-out periods for at least a day to take breaks and do something different.
  • Enable the history saving in order to analyze the chosen games, total wins and losses and make appropriate conclusions. That will help you in the future decisions.
  • Use the casino account settings for changing the limits of the bets in total, losses, gaming period, and more.
  • As there is detected the addiction, there must be applied the self-exclusion frame for more than 6 months.