Historical Facts about Online Casinos for Real Money

Gambling has been existing for several thousand years! Chinese nomads made betting on horse races, Egyptians, except the pyramids, had time to build real gaming houses. Napoleon Bonaparte was a very compulsive player; he honed his skills in exile on Elba. The first slot machine, established in 1899, Charles Fey invented not for profit.

It has been created simply to entertain the visitors of his garage. The real cash online casinos history begins in 1996 on Antigua, the island situated the Caribbean Sea. Those days, users could try 18 entertainments, though, just a few thousand people worldwide had the Internet.
Online Casinos for Real Money History

Online Casino Path from 1994 to 2016

In 1994, Microgaming, the company located in Britain, developed the first platform. It was practicable to build a full-grown gambling establishment on it. With the foundation of the first web bookmaker (1997), large corporations saw the potential of this field. That’s when emerged the breakneck growth and the boost of this business.

A year later, the progressive jackpot know-how was invented. In 1999, at the focus, in addition to the leading players, such as Microgaming and Cryptologic, there was a dark horse – Playtech ambitious project. In 2002 organization eCOGRA was formed. In 2003, the total turnover in the world exceeded $8.5 billion. Now on the Internet, there are over 15 thousand of games of chance. Their range is several times bigger than in land-based casinos.

Real Cash Casino Online Legal Status

Internet gambling legislating has often resulted in gaps because of the speedy development of the technology. Countries like Belgium and Sweden have their own monopolies and forbid licenses to external providers.
According to their laws, only operators that are approved in these countries can be treated as the lawful ones. But they cannot litigate foreign companies, only block their sites. Their inhabitants cannot be punished and can have fun wherever and whenever they want.

United Kingdom

In 2005 in the UK a Gambling Bill was passed. It allowed the British to play if the website has a necessary licensing level. In 2014 the government assumed amendments to the law of 2005, where it was indicated that even the offshore casinos wishing to take the British are to have a license. Also, under the new ruling, it was necessary to pay 15% tax that scared so many providers. But thanks to many advantages, Brits are among the most active players online.
Historical Facts about Online Casinos for Real Money


The legality of this business in Canada is a tangled issue. The Criminal Code up to here prohibits operators to accept bets or to create a platform for their accommodation if they don’t have the state license. However, there is no regulation that forbids users to make bets. This means that millions of Canadian citizens can play in the international betting websites, with almost no risk of being brought to justice.


The market of online casinos in Australia has increased security requirements, which help players to be sure of the validity of the existing sites and compliance with standards. A gambling law («IGA»2001) helps screen out covert operators for which profit is more important than giving a first-rate service.

Online betting halls are getting more and more coordinate, and countries, increased control of their markets, introducing its own licensing proceeding. Respectively, this ensures that users in the country are less risking to get on the hook of fraudsters.