15 Proven Tips to Win in Casinos for Real Money

Online gambling makes it possible to get fun from anywhere. With almost unlimited options, you can try to take a chance and hit a HUGE jackpot. Yet, how to achieve great results? Let me help you win in online casinos for real money. Check my list of dos and don’ts of real money casino streamer. PS, I believe to be soon listed in the Red Book, few streamers play with their own money nowadays.

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Dos and Don’ts when Gamble Online

How to behave to increase your chance to win at online casinos? Here is a list of main dos and don’ts every real money player should keep in mind whatever experience they have. So, let’s check out each issue separately.

secure casino

Pick Trusted Online Casino and Avoid Shady Operators

Don’t register at blacklisted casinos because the winning big is great only if you can get your hands on the prize. However, the very first thing to do to increase your chances to be a happy online casino winner is to find the right gambling operator.

Do the research to find the casino that meets all your demands or confide in real money casino experts as I am. Anyway, here is a quick checklist to reveal the scammer websites yourself in 5 minutes:

  • 2+ strong licenses;
  • Reputation, reliability, and trust in the market;
  • Positive real customers’ feedback;
  • High ranking in Google;
  • Seal of approval by independent authorities;
  • Transparent Privacy Policy;
  • Tried and true payment systems;
  • Steady security measures.

Play Games You Like

Nowadays, a countless number of virtual casinos offer various entertainments to satisfy every customer’s expectations. Beginners with little wagering experience and those who just do not like using complicated strategies when betting choose baccarat, scratch cards, or slots. More advanced players select poker or blackjack. Your decision will depend on whether you are looking for a game of skill or luck. Whatever you look for, choose the title you like to get pleasure while gambling. In such a way it won’t matter if you win or lose because you enjoyed the time and get fun.

house edge

Choose Games with a Low House Edge

Knowing the game odds, you can increase your chance for the money prize. Spend a few minutes to learn the RTP (return to play) %, HE (House edge) of the game, and per bet. Such insights will give a deeper understanding of how much the casino pays out and if it’s more than the bet is worth.

gain more

Spend Less, Play More

Checking the paytable of the game, you can notice that the heaviest prize can be paid only if you place the max bet. However, it’s better to play smart and prolong the session for increasing your chances to win.

For example, you have a budget of $50 to gamble. So, it’s not the best idea to set $10 per spin/hand because you’ll run out of the budget before you barely start. That’s why it will be more reasonable to set $1 per spin/hand and have 50 chances to hit the prize instead of 5 tries.


Take Advantages of Offers

In fact, all online casinos offer their clients some bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs. When choosing one, check what deals it has for new and loyal players. To enjoy the best gambling experience, select the one that offers lots of stuff. However, remember that no betting house will give the players money for free. The aim they pursue is to make their clients come back. Below you’ll find some general info about the bonuses, in case you need more details, don’t be shy and check the comprehensive guide on casino bonuses and their types.

  • Bonuses and Promotions. As it is mentioned above, almost all online betting houses have various promotions such as sign up, loyalty, no deposit, and reload ones on offer. And most of them work only with those games that have a high house edge such as blackjack, poker, scratch cards, and slots. However, if you are going to play baccarat, do not expect that you will have a chance to clear your bonuses.
  • VIP Programs. In online betting houses, loyal clients playing with great sums can account for big rewards such as various gadgets, tours, and points. The latest can be exchanged for bonuses or entry tickets to various tournaments or sporting events. The more you gamble, the better benefits you receive.

Learn for Free

A lot of modern online casinos offer a trial version. It’s a great way to try casino games with demo coins to learn the rules, understand how they work before paying a cent, see if it meets your expectations or not, and so on. Also, by playing in a fun mode, you can improve your skills and/or try some strategies.


Choose Your Strategy

While some real cash casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, etc. have many strategies to follow, others simply do not have any. The latest is usually called amusements of luck. For example, in baccarat, there is no secret on how to win. There are only a few tips that can be considered. In blackjack, there is a basic system that has been developed over years of research, and you’d better master it before getting started. If there are several of them, then you should choose the one that is better in your opinion.


Quit While You’re Winning

Have you hit a winning streak? Then know the moment to stop. Yes, it’s always tempting to keep betting in the hope to gain even more. However, the practice shows that such behavior leads to losing just won money and even more. That’s why set a budget and always stick to it.

fun alive

Keep the Fun Alive

It’s more of a suggestion than a tip. However, it’s vital to remember that online gambling like any other form is just leisure with a chance to win in the long run. If you want to stay happy with that, then just try to keep the fun alive and enjoy it as much as you can. Since that you won’t lose anything and any more. So, try to finish the session as soon as you see the fun ending.

Playing at online casinos, you have to find your game and learn its rules first. While some amusements have more than one possible strategy to follow, other options require no skills and their outcome can be hardly predicted. Your choice will depend on both your experience and preferences. However, no matter what entertainment you pick, it is crucial to accept all of your ups and downs. That is why people call it gambling. With that in mind, gamble to get fun then you’ll always be a winner.


Don’t Neglect Bonus Rules

No matter how good and sweet the bonus looks, there are always terms and conditions that apply. It’s crucial to learn the rules before accepting any offer. There you can specify such details as the maximum sum of win and withdrawal, expiration date, games allowed to play with bonus credits, and other critical aspects to mind. So, reading the rules you can understand if it’s going to be a trouble or real profit.


Don’t Chase Losses

One of the main pitfalls of online gambling is that you don’t want to end the session and quite in case you’re losing. There is always room for a hope to win back it all quickly by raising the wagers. Just don’t do that. ALWAYS play in your budget and if you get a losing streak just finish the session.

no alcohol

Don’t Drink Alcohol While Playing

Gambling plus alcohol makes bad decisions. Herewith, if you wish to boost your balance, then it’s better to keep away from alcohol and drugs to keep your mind sharp and clear.

no stress

Don’t Stress Out

It’s a quite bad idea to start a session when you’re stress or keep playing when something unexpected and/or stressful happens. It leads to wrong decisions and money lost. It’s better to stop or keep away from any hazardous entertainment while you get over that.


Don’t Run Over the Budget

It’s highly important to keep your bankroll limits. So, when playing any casino game, set your limits on how much you lose and win. In that way, you will still have fun while saving your winnings and keeping your spendings minimal. Always size your bets in accordance with your bankroll as well. To enjoy gambling to the full, take it slow. However, if you want to play for high stakes, be ready that the game will be over for you soon.


Don’t Buy Into Superstitions

All the casino games are programs with the Random Number Generator (RNG) used that makes the outcome unpredictable. So, no rituals can help you to win at the casino, everything depends on your luck, intuition, skills.

Online vs Offline Casinos

Why are online casinos so popular? Is the gameplay at offline casinos more enjoyable? Let’s make things clear and compare both variants of gambling so that you can choose the one that suits you most.

Online Gameplay

Today online casinos become a new normality and gain their momentum. And here is why…

Convenience. Click-click and you’re playing. No need to dress and drive somewhere. All you need to do is to turn your PC/laptop on or even unlock the mobile gadget to get started.
COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live, work, and entertain. This kind of leisure becomes even popular during the lockdown. No need to contact with other people and thus no risk to get sick.
Amazing game choice. Modern online casinos offer games powered by different providers so that the collection of amusements can count thousands of titles.
Big jackpots. Talking about progressive jackpots, the prizes are much bigger compared to brick-and-mortar houses.
Bonuses and Promotions. Only if you play online you can count on some gifts like Free Spins, extra credits, free cash, and so on.

Offline Gameplay

Offline casinos have its own magic and people love them for a score of reasons and some of them are:

Fun and social. It’s an atmosphere and a chance to hang on with your friends, or meet and get acquainted with interesting people, and so on.
Exciting games. Buttons, big screens, lights, music, and other fun gimmicks that make the experience more exciting and which are unavailable in online format.
Live tournaments. Only visiting such events you can not only compete with other players but dive into the atmosphere of hazard and meet new people.
Big wins with immediate payout. In case you hit a jackpot, you will get it in place. Compared with online casinos, you don’t have to wait several days to proceed the withdrawal.


  • When the bonus is worth claiming?
  • You should read the bonus terms and conditions. Pay attention to the size of the wagering requirement and games allowed both to play and win back the promo. Thus, too big wagering makes impossible to win back the bonus and withdraw cash.
  • To bet max or not?
  • It depends on your budget. If you can afford to play with high stakes for a long run, it’s good for you and you have nieces chances to win really big. In case you have a limited budget, then it’s better to set small stakes but play longer.
  • Does the software provider influence on the winning possibilities of the games?
  • Every software supplier has its own algorithms used. However, all of them use RNG implemented to make the games fair and unpredictable. When it comes to the odds, RTP, HE, then it depends to a greater extent on the casino operator than on the developer.