10 Largest Jackpot Payouts in Real Money Casino History!

CRAZY stories of men and women who have managed to get jackpot winnings in online real prize casinos are rare writing jewels actually. The fact, under what circumstances, these winnings were obtained, is more mysterious and cheerful in some way. So, read on!

Largest Jackpots

Before we come up with the stories of 10 lucky casino winners who were able to win truly big without even leaving the comfort of their own home, let’s take a look at top games first.

Top 4 Progressive Slots

The thing is that the most part of these occasions occurs while the very people are trying to occupy themselves with something at online casinos. And often this ‘something’ appears to be online slots. Here is the list of top 4 online slot games that paid the most!

Jackpot Hotspots

With such a big development of technologies, the list is still small, however, here you can see top 10 biggest cashouts from online casinos worldwide. Up to date, Sweden and the UK are the countries the winners of the largest casino rewards came from. The ranking compiles the data taken from top 10 prize-takers listed in the review and winners of jackpots below 2m euro that haven’t been covered in the article.
Jackpot wins by countries

#1 Lucky Player Set New Record by Winning 18.9 MEUR

Topping up my list, Grand Mondial online casino player, whose name wasn’t released at his request. The lucky one hit 18,915,872.81 MEUR (stands for ‘Million Euros’) on Friday 28 September, 2018. Up to date, it’s considered to be the biggest online slot machine payout ever in real money online casinos!

#2 Finn Hit 17.8 MEUR Slot Jackpot

The absolute record in Netent online casino winnings belongs to a 40-year old man from Helsinki. Most likely, he would never think of such a luck waiting for him. On January 20, 2013, he logged in PAF casino and started gambling in Netent slot – Mega Fortune – with a stake in 25 cents.

After 30-minute betting, he heard the sound of big money as he got a jackpot in 17.8 million euros or almost 24 million dollars. His feelings were definitely contradictory as he was laughing and crying at the same time. Wouldn’t you be doing the same?

#3 Norwegian Racked up €11.7 Reward

Anonymous gambler from Norway became a millionaire on September 24, 2011. Much to his surprise, Mega Fortune video slot went crazy and he racked up an epic win of €11.7 at Betsson online casino.

#4 Swede Scooped 8.5 Million Euros

4th biggest online casino jackpot came in 2015. A man from Sweden by name Alexander in his 30s was playing Mega Fortune slot game at Folkeautomaten online casino. He hit a seven-figure jackpot, which is equal to 8.57 million EUR. The win surely changed his and his wife life forever. Alexander planned to treat himself with a new car that year.

#5 Swede Won 7.6 Million EUR Prize

You never know where you’ll get lucky. Apparently, a woman who won 7.6 million euros in Unibet Online Casino couldn’t know it either. However, she suddenly became rich in November 2012, when the slot game Hall of Gods gave her the opportunity to pay back all the loans and even buy a new car as she said after. Such prize became the biggest payout in the history of the institution. The woman herself became the 5th member in their ‘millionaire club’.

#6 UK Player Got Paid 7.6 MEUR

The last big lucky devil came from the United Kingdom, to be more specific – Lincolnshire. His chance fell from now-closed Microgaming video slots – the Dark Knight. This themed entertainment gave him 5.8 million pounds. Actually, he had another plans for life – spent another few years on his job. But this life-changing prize made him think otherwise, and now he left for his pleasure together with the wife according to BBC.

#7 Aussie Won 6.5 Million Euros

Aussie casino player got a massive AU$10,423,223 prize, that’s around 6.5 million EUR on April 16, 2016. He decided to remain anonymous. However, we do know he was playing the Dark Knight slot from Microgaming at Spin Casino.

#8 Greek Won €6.3 Jackpot Prize

Another lucky man is named Georgios M., and he was born in Greece. He is the 36-year-old businessman, husband and father of the family, regular visitor of the virtual casino River Belle, and that Saturday night, as usual, he was playing his favorite.

George put on the online slot machine Mega Moolah €5 per spin, when the happy combination, with a Mega-Jackpot following, occurred. As a result, his happiness was more than €6.3 million, or $8.6 million if you count in dollars.

#9 NZ Player Took Home 6.2 MEUR

A player from New Zealand also picked a lump sum on June 17, 2016. According to Casinoland online casino where one was playing a progressive slot machine called Mega Moolah, he took home NZ$10,144,395.82 (6.2 MEUR).

#10 British Man Hit 3.2 MEUR

As to the news posted on Microgaming official website, a player in the United Kingdom won the seven-figure slot jackpot – €3,252,353.70 – on November 8, 2019 after placing a €7.25 bet in Mega Moolah at Genesis gambling site.