27-28 May 2021: The new date of SiGMA Group’s event

The key iGaming summit will take place in May 2021 because of the pandemic outbreak.


Managers and founders of gaming companies are forced to take alternative measures in connection with the global pandemic that has affected all areas of business.

The large-scale iGaming exhibition is postponed until the next year. This is due to the restrictions imposed on most mass events and summits in the era of the global COVID-19 epidemic. However, the event organizers are not going to give up and are ready to hold an online conference. What is known about this conference today?

  • The online summit will take place on June 8th;

  • The event will last 3 days until June 10;

  • Everyone can register for the summit for free;

  • The conference will provide participants with free content that will be interesting to all players in the gaming market;

  • Registered delegates can also receive a ticket to Manila 2021.

The purpose of the summit is to unite all market participants and reveal problems, changes, and prospects in this market. The event will be interactive. Speakers and representatives will conduct discussions, report on current challenges and possible ways to adapt to new global changes.

The format was proposed by Eman Pulis. This is the creator and CEO of the aforementioned SiGMA Group. Pulis has been so interested in growing the Asian market that he left Europe and moved to Asia, with a firm goal to develop the iGaming business and open up new opportunities for market participants.

Pulis noted that SiGMA was affected by the pandemic situation just like thousands of other companies. But this situation will also force everyone to reconsider business priorities and strategies. This is what this summit will be dedicated to. In addition, the head of the company believes that the extra 11 months will be a great time to reorganize the conference and make it much brighter. This summit was expected to bring together 10,000 people, which could have been a great risk. The health of employees and visitors is the main priority for the company, so the decision on rescheduling was made.

However, not only SiGMA Group has changed its plans in connection with the pandemic. Clarion Gaming was going to co-host the Manila show. Kate Chambers, as the managing director of Clarion Gaming, said that she supports her colleague’s decision, taking into account difficult and unprecedented times for everyone.

One way or another, the organizers of the event are optimistic. There are forecasts that once the pandemic and isolation come to an end, the interest in the gaming market will increase. The company heads also expressed gratitude to all sponsors, representatives, and participants for their support, and promised a grand show next year.

SiGMA Expo: How important is it for gaming?

A global event that highlights the latest innovations and challenges of the iGaming industry is what SiGMA Expo about. It has become the most significant event for participants in the iGaming market since 2014 and is of great importance for both European and Asian markets.

Last year, the event took place in Malta. iGaming SiGMA 2019 brought together 15 thousand representatives, speakers, and visitors. The summit was attended by people from 80 countries and this event was sponsored by 400 companies. Now, it is the most famous exhibition in the gaming industry in Europe.