Cash Bandits 3 Slot Review

For 6.9K spins at Cash Bandits 3, I’ve got $557.77 in profit. I never saw anything like that. I spend $1,725 and got back $2,282.77. That’s to say was made with 25c bet per spin. In my review, you’ll find more about my experience in the 5-reel 25-payline slot by RealTime Gaming. Plus, there’s a story of me winning $477.05 in the Vault bonus game! Let’s jump in.

96% RTP 390 Free Spins at 23X Multiplier

Cash Bandits 3: What I Got! (MUST SEE)

Cash Bandits 3 Streams Review

It’s a high volatility slot with a high win potential. You basically feed this slot machine for a long while and then it begins paying back, like really good. Here’re my outcome on 4 different series of the slot run.

100 SPINS Run #1

Start Cash: $607.14
End Balance: $646.55
Profit: +$39.41

200 SPINS Run #2

Start Cash: $585.24
End Balance: $558.91
Deficit: -$26.33

300 SPINS Run #3

Start Cash: $722.95
End Balance: $768.77
Profit: +$45.82

700 SPINS Run #4

Start Cash: $910.52
End Balance: $1,372.78
Profit: +$461.48

Where to Play Cash Bandits 3

I have seen the game in 3 different casinos. But I only recommend websites that I tried out for a real play myself. This Cash Bandits 3 slot review was brought to you from Fair Go. There my personal return was 132.334%. I believe that this’s one of the best outcomes possible. Still, the choice is yours.

Slot Machine Details

Release Date: July 2020
Developer: RTG
Theme: Robbery, Heist, Detective
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Multiplier: 2X-23X
Volatility: high
Top Win: $5,000, that is 5,000X the max bet per line for 5 Robbers (wild symbols)
Max/Min Bet: $0.01-$25
Coin Values: $0.01-$1
Coin Levels: 1 per line
Average Return to Player: 96%
Free Spins: up to 390 (my best was 275 Free Spins)
Bonus Rounds: Vault
Progressive Jackpots: Minor & Major

How to Play Cash Bandits 3 Slot for Real Money

The first time I played the video slot it just gave me hundreds of dead spins and close to zero free spins. It was just the worst. After playing it out for a few weeks, all started to make sense. It just takes time before it starts giving you truly nice wins. My personal best was $35 for 3 Cash Bandits Logos. I’ll say no more, let’s go into detail.

Bet Limits & Jackpots Levels

Cash Bandits 3 Slots Bet Setting

Unlike most popular slots, Cash Bandits 3 lets you change the number of bet lines from 1 to 25. That’s why you could start with 1 cent per spin with 1 payline active. How much did I wager you ask? $0.25 per spin, 1 cent per each of 25 paying lines actually. You can go the way you like it. Use +/- buttons at the lower left to set a wager from 1 cent to 25 dollars.

Slot Symbols

Cash Bandits 3 Wilds & Scatters Paytable

Wild – Robber icon that pays 5,000 coins. It can substitute for Police Badge, Handcuffs, Bank, Money, Police Officer, Doughnuts, presented here as regular symbols. 2 wilds happen to land often in my experience. Sometimes 3 symbols showed up on the same reel, which was of little help because it paid zero.

Cash Bandits 4 Scatters

Scatter – Cash Bandits 3 Logo. 3-5 icons pay 2x, 20x, and 50x the bet. During base game, 4 Cash Bandits Logos brought me $5. Don’t forget my wager was a 25c. If I bet $25, it would make $500. But after the minibonus has been activated, 3 scatter icons alreay gave me $35.

Vault Bonus Round

It takes 3 scatters to get into the Vault Bonus feature and, eventually, a free games round. First, you need to crack 6 safes to reveal the sum of free spins and multiplier you won. There will be 6 vaults total: the 1st one has one-digit code, the 2nd – two digits, and therefore, the 6th safe – a six-digit code.

You have between 5-6, 7 and 8 attempts (based on the amount of scatters trigered: 3, 4 and 5 respectively) to open the vaults. For that, you need to pick a number from 0 to 9 using keyboard in front of you. You won’t find it hard as there are dublicate numbers in the secret codes. Just so you know, for around 40 times I played the bonus, I cracked all ciphers and grab 275 Free Games once. Only 5-digit safe has yet to be cracked, but it won’t last long, I guess.

My best was 280 out of 390 free spins possible (to be precise, 275 spins + 5 extra spins for 3+ scatters retrigger during the play). My every win was multiplied by 15. However, the booster can reach the max – 23X.

Anyway, I’ve got $477.05 total. Playing with $25 not $0.25, I would make $47,705 (100X). But the risks would be higher as I needed to splurge in the base mode. Maybe you won’t have the same experience… or maybe you will. But one thing’s for sure. You’ll get a lot of fun here.

Progressive Jackpots

The progressive prize on the slot is up to 2. I never had a chance to win any. The sums of Minor and Major jackpots are far from huge (as of December 17, 2020, they constitute $300 and $3,091). Still, I wouldn’t mind get a couple hundred bucks after making 6,900 spins. But they’re paid completely randomly. Another time, I guess.

Design Overview

Compared to its predecessors, not much has changed in regards to the drawing style of the main characters, such as Robbers and Cops, and other symbols, such as Badges, the Police Cars, Doughnuts, Moneys, Banks and Handcuffs. Instead, we have an adrenaline-filled mini-game called the Vault. As soon as you get in there, you forget about everything but prizes. Well, I’m not much into cartoon-style slot games, but here I enjoyed myself a lot.

My Verdict

The chase for money was definitely thrilling. 60 Free Spins at 7x Multiplier farmed into the Vault feature that also happened to be triggered quite often. 3 times in 100 spins once. However, it is all fun until ‘dead spins’ come around. Anyway, version 3 is justly called the best. It offers better win potential.

So, it has also been selected for my top 11 games in the guide to real money gambling in 2023. Without hesitation, I prefer Cash Bandits III to other two series. Those who wonder what they miss, here is a comparison of in-game options between the last and first two online slot series of Cash Bandit.

  • 390 vs 190 vs 90 Free Spins
  • 23x vs 17x vs 12x Multiplier


  • Is it possible that Cash Bandits 3 cheats?
  • The simple answer is no. However, all depends on what is meant by ‘cheats’. For example, RTG software company allows a casino to pick 1 of a few versions of the same slot featuring different RTP. Choosing one that pays 91% instead of 97%, operators risk losing players. As far as I know Cash Bandits 1, 2 and 3 have been always popular with players since the entry in 2015, 2017, and 2020. Even from my own experience, you can say the the return is high. Actually, it was 132.334%. That’s for 6.9K spins! Besides that, I won 275 Free Spins with a 15 Multiplayer once.
  • Is there a difference in the slot payout between free (slot demo) and real money play?
  • There shouldn’t be. However, I wouldn’t make assumptions on outcome based on practice play. It’s basically designed for introducing you into the slot and its features. I wouldn’t forget that the main target of each operator is to convert you into a depositor. And to do that becomes easier after letting you ‘win easily’ in the demo mode.
  • What is special about the slot?
  • New 25-payline RTG video slot 2020 offers to win Free Games and Multipliers (up to 390/23). Besides that, there’re random mini and major progressive jackpots. You have a chance to get that all at a bet between $0.25-$25. Read my review to reveal how high the chances actually are.