How to Install and Uninstall Real Money Casino

Have you ever wanted to try out money online gambling, but was not sure how to organize the real cash online casinos installation process? It does not require special knowledge! Just follow the directions provided in the GUIDE. With its help you can easily download, set, launch, and delete any program.
Online Casinos for Real Money Installation

Finding Reliable Real Money Online House

There are so many real money online houses presented in the market that it is wise to check the one you have chosen as your entertainment source. We recommend trusting only a reliable provider that has earned recognition over time. Also, you may check out the reviews written by previous users. There tons of opinions on the casino related forums or websites. A lot of useful information can be derived from the original website of a betting house, such as availability of a license and a game list.

Set Up Steps

The set up steps are the same for all online real money casinos and are very easy to follow. The Internet covers the need in any additional information. As a rule, they include downloading, installing, and registering.

Downloading the Virtual Casino

If you have decided to download the virtual casino on your laptop or PC, you have to go to the website you have chosen, find and press the appropriate button. After the process is finished, find this file in your PC. It is saved in .exe format.
Real Money Online Casinos Set Up Process

Installation Process

When the file is found, double press it to start the installation. Practically, none of the user’s engagement need and the process is absolutely automatic. At the very beginning, you will be asked to choose the place, where the program will be located and accept the standard terms and conditions.


After downloading and installing, just the one step has left before you start playing games and winning real cash! To start an entertainment you must create a profile, or to log in. The information you would enter is not any different from the one asked on the other websites. The finishing step is making up a login and a password. Then you may be asked to activate your account as well. The registration process will take you no longer than 5 minutes.
Real Money Online Casinos Installation Steps

How to Delete Casino Software?

The casino software is not permanent and can be uninstalled from your computer at any moment. The proper way to do it is to click on the Start button (left bottom corner), then go to Control Panel, then Programs/Features and choose the application you want to delete. Afterwards, you should check whether the program has left any additional files in My Documents and delete them as well.